Complete Matrimonial Services under one roof :

  • Bride / Bridegroom Selection or matching facilities for 1st or 2nd Marriage, divorcee. Vadhu, Vara Samavesha are conducted at different places and shall be informed through social media i.e., Whatsapp, Facebook etc.,
  • We provide Booking for Mini Halls, Choultries depending on number of guest for all categories including Engagements, Marriages, Namakara and any other functions.
  • Shasthris or Purohits are available for Engagements, Marriages, Namakarans, Gruhapraveham.
  • All pooja articles, clothes and others are available for any types functions.
  • Flower Decorations, Lightings, Shamiyanas, Furniture, Sound Systems, Nadaswara, Chappara Putters services are provided.
  • Catering services for Vegetarians, South Indian, North Indian or any selected dishes at Nominal Rate. (Quality Food preparing will be taken either with full materials or only cooking contracts will be taken of any grade.)
  • For gifting steel articles, plastic articles, Blouse Pieces or Full set is also available.
  • Kanchipura, Mysore Silk Sarees, Art Silk Sarees, Designer Sarees, & other Sarees, Dress Materials, Blouse Pieces, Ready Made Blouses are also available.
  • Pant & Shirt Pieces, Ready Made Pants & Shirts, Dothis, Panches, Shalyas, Petas etc., Are available.
  • Cars, TT, Mini Buses, Buses are available to see the Bride, Bridegroom places, packages available for Holidays, Pligrims, Honey Moon Trips or sight Seeing trips within Karnataka or Outside Karnataka or any part of India.
  • Lodging and Boarding, Home Stays, Resort, starting from Nominal rates to required class will be arranged to any place in India.
  • Free Marriage will be done to the poor who is in need. 
  • Photographers, Video Graphers with TV, LCD, TV Screens are also available.
  • Orchestra, Suguma Sangeetha, Hundustani Misicians, Dancers, Mimicri Artist etc., are arranged. All the above articles and materials facilities will be given or arranged at Nominal Rates, Affordable, Competitative rates, according to the Class, Grade and Requirements.
  • Beautificians are also available to do makeup for Brides and Bridegrooms.
  • Artificial ornaments, marriage sets are available to wear for functions or Brides
  • All Silver Plate, Chombu, Gejje, Pooja Articles, God Vigrahas, other articles made of silver will be available at less than market price, i.e. Wholesale rates.

No need or worrying to do marriage from place to place or from person to person, to make arrangements to purchase materials or to Book Cooks, Photographers, Videographers or Shastris, and taking heavy head ache, you can avoid all this by visiting our office, placing order under one roof at competitive prices or cost and also we challange our rates. Just walk in and go without any head ache and conduct marriage without taking any Hard work with good satisfication by our service. No compromise with quality, quantity, taste and services of our esteemed Lingadharis Matrimonial Services at your finger Tips and other facilities before marriage and after marriage or for any other functions is also available.